9, Heroon Polytechniou St.,

Zographou Campus, GR-15780, Athens, GREECE


The Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena Laboratory (TTPL) has an active research program in main fields of Chemical Engineering supported by the appropriate experimental facilities and pilot units.


 General Info




 A. Research fields  

 Research Areas

1) Thermodynamic Measurements & Modeling

   3) Technology Applications to:


   o Cubic Equations of State        o Thermal treatment of wastes

 Diploma Thesis

   o Predictive EoS/GE models        o Water purification and recycling


   o EoS accounting for association        o Polymer recycling
       o The m-S UNIFAC model        o Separation processes  
       o Acid gas dew point        o Supercritical extraction  
       o Thermophysical properties of pure
       o Thermodynamic measurements & modelling
      in acid gas/alkanolamine/water systems
       o Melting Point Depression of organic
      compounds with Supercritical CO2
       o Experimental measurements and modelling
      of solid solubilities of compounds of interest
      to the pharmaceutical and food industry



  2) Energy and Exergy Analysis of




     B. Experimental facilities - Pilot units  










 The TTPL has experimental capabilities that involve:

-     Low pressure VLE measurements,

-          Determination of the solubility of solids in liquids

-          Determination of the solubility of solids/liquids in supercritical CO2

-          80-tray distillation column and air/steam stripping,

-          Supercritical fluid extraction bench scale unit,

-          Pilot unit for separation of polymer mixtures and

-     Pilot plant unit for membrane technology applications (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis etc).

Application to separation processes involves both conventional approaches (distillation -fractional and extractive- and liquid-liquid extraction) as well as non-conventional methods such as supercritical fluid extraction.


Dimitrios P. Tassios, Professor Emeritus

Kostis Magoulas, Professor

Epaminondas Voutsas, Assistant Professor